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Choosing Contemporary Modern Art For Your Home or Office

Art sparks conversations. When you choose a piece of contemporary modern art for your home or office, you choose the statement piece that will spark conversation each time people visit your home. As you peruse the art at John McCarthy Art, keep in mind the following tips to purchase the right artwork for you.

1. Buy what you love.

Rather than buying based on investment or advice, find a piece of artwork you truly adore. Purchase that. You will have to look at the art each day. If you buy something that resounds with you, you will love what you see each day.

2. Consider the décor.

Do you already have a space in mind to fill with artwork? What furnishings do you have in that room? Purchasing art that clashes with everything in a room or home won’t work out well. You should choose art that complements the décor. This means analyzing what would go well with your existing furnishings. Also, consider the layout and placement of your furniture.

3. How to hang the art.

Use a wall stud finder before you shop. You need to know where your wall studs are located before you can hang art. You need to use a picture hanging kit so your art will have the support it needs. You need adequate space on both sides of the stud so you can center the art on the stud.

4. Measure the wall space.

Before you shop, measure the wall space. Many pieces of modern art use large canvases. Others use unusual sizes. By measuring your available space first, you can avoid purchasing a 16" x 20" canvas for a 16" x 12" space.

5. Consider the space.

Perhaps you have one blank wall in a room or a wall with an open space that you otherwise filled with art. There might be open space, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill every inch of it. White space is good, too. A large contemporary modern art piece would create a stunning statement hanging on a blank wall alone. A grouping of small coordinated pieces can complement a long, empty area on a wall.

6. Decide the mood you want to set in the room.

The piece of contemporary modern art you choose contributes to the room’s mood. A large enough piece will set the tone for the room. Color, medium, subject matter, canvas type, and location all contribute to the mood set by the artwork. In a room with no other paintings, the piece you choose will command attention. In a room with many other pieces of art, you need them to work together seamlessly. In general, choose serene colors used in landscapes for bedrooms, but colorful, kitschy art for your kitchen. Living rooms and libraries do well with art using neutral colors or black and white.

You can add to the delight your home or office provides with contemporary modern art. Choose wisely and the art will bring you many years of enjoyment.

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